Warezcrack simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser - Brushed Stainless Steel:Warezcrack
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simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser - Brushed Stainless Steel:Warezcrack

simplehuman Published in October 20, 2018, 11:15 pm
 simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser - Brushed Stainless Steel:Warezcrack

simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser - Brushed Stainless Steel:Warezcrack

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Chris Reply to on 31 May 2017
I found the double sided tape provided was not strong enough to hold this and it fell off on day one. It was an easy fix though as I applied my own double sided tape to a wider area on the back. Seems solid as a rock now and now keeps things tidy. We installed ours on the inside door cupboard and is working great. Out of sight but easy access.
Barny Reply to on 24 May 2016
Keeps carrier bags all in one place - even more important now the carrier bag tax has started. One point, the hole in the top and sides are a bit small for the newer 'thicker' bags that the supermarkets give out but it is still possible to store them. Mine is attached to the back of a kitchen cupboard door with the double sided tape (supplied) and it is holding up well. You can also screw it to a door if you want a more solid fit (don't think the screws were supplied with mine). Simplehuman do seem to make good quality items and this is no exception. It's easy to wipe down and looks smart enough to have fixed somewhere where you can see it if you needed.
J lauren
J lauren Reply to on 26 July 2017
I purchased this to hide away the carrier bags in my kitchen cupboard. It is very easy on the eye and I manage to fit 15-20 carrier bags in it. I find it handy as it was the right size to hang stick on the inside of my kitchen unit door, I used the sticky pads that is has already stuck to it as they seemed strong enough to hold it, unfotunstely after 2 weeks it fell off the inside of the door but this could have been due to the fact that my one year old grandson was banging the door. It does also come with screws but I don't want to risk putting screws into my kitchen unit doors as they may protrude on the outside. I have now moved it to a hallway cupboard and screwed it on the inside of the door where it is secure.
SP Reply to on 23 July 2017
I thought this was going to be good, but I'm now going to have to invest in some 3M strips or drill holes into the wall as the adhesive strips that came with this are really poor! within 2 days it had come off the wall completely.
Given the strength of adhesive strips available on the market, and the price I paid for this product, I was expecting more. Aside from this, it is a neat way to store bags.
Hana Reply to on 1 April 2018
The adhesive wasn't any good so it fell off inside the cupboard within a week. It was too heavy for the removable sticky pads so I've been forever fighting with it to stick back on. The metal wasn't very sturdy and bent a little.
Urban Strength
Urban Strength Reply to on 7 July 2018
I have had this item for a few months now and it does what it says on the tin. I keep it in the utility cupboard so doesn't need to look great but it does actually look good so would be nice in the kitchen. It is good quality manufacturing and doesn't look cheap at all (which I was worried about for the price). If you are looking for a carrier bag dispenser I can't think of any reason not to buy this one.
Kiwi_sparkles Reply to on 10 September 2016
I knew this was slimline and therefore wouldn't fit a huge amount of bags, but boy, does it fill up fast! Depending on how much we squish, we can fit between 10-15 Ocado grocery bags before there is no more room.

Aside from the size issue, it works well.
Sharky.87 Reply to on 31 October 2017
Neat way of storing bags. Bear in mind it only holds smaller carrier bags, the "bag for life" type is a struggle to get in or out. Ensure it's fixed with the screws provided, mine was taped on initially and it fell off quite soon.
Simon S
Simon S Reply to on 22 October 2017
Bought this to match my aluminium and silver styled kitchen. More expensive than lots of options but trusted brand name and design. But as many others said, it doesn’t stay up unless you screw it in (I thought it was optional and can’t use screws as I rent my property) so ended up buying extra hooks so it stays up but not as sturdy as I would like. It really should be more explicit that for most people the screws are mandatory
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 June 2018
Was hoping to use the stick on part only, but came off a few times since. so now looking to drill it in instead. Not sure why I paid a premium for this bag dispenser vs other ones. Product looks good though and is more appealing than plastic alternatives
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