Warezcrack Leukotape P Combi Pack with Strapping Tape and Fixation Tape:Warezcrack
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Leukotape P Combi Pack with Strapping Tape and Fixation Tape:Warezcrack

Performance Health Inc
Performance Health Inc Published in October 21, 2018, 12:04 am
 Leukotape P Combi Pack with Strapping Tape and Fixation Tape:Warezcrack

Leukotape P Combi Pack with Strapping Tape and Fixation Tape:Warezcrack

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Missy J
Missy J Reply to on 23 July 2016
We bought this tape after it was recommended by a physiotherapist. My husband dislocated the AC joint in his shoulder. After consulting Dr Google and seeing good results with people taping up their injuries, he spoke to a physio who agreed it would help. The physio showed him how best to tape it up to support the joint and hold it in place while the muscle etc heals.
The white tape is very soft and comfortable and provides a good base for the pinkish tape. We applied one strip along the shoulder from the neck down to the top of the arm. Then 3 more steps were added in a sort of star formation over and around the dislocated joint. Then the pink tape is applied over the top, except you apply quite a lot of pressure, pulling it as tight as you can. When done, my husband says that it's extremely supportive and comfortable.
The pink tape is very strong and hard to tear but cuts easily with normal scissors. The white tape is also easy to cut and has a paper backing to it which is easy to remove.
To take the strapping off, I strongly advise soaking it in the shower or you will remove skin -be warned!
We started taping the injury every other day from 26th June and the white tape ran out yesterday (22nd July). Rather annoyingly, there is still half a roll of the pink tape left so we have had to buy more of the white tape. In all, it's done a really good job of supporting the shoulder so would recommend it if you consult someone who knows how to apply it.
Celidwen Reply to on 25 March 2016
This is a great tape for taping partying patellae - I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and my kneecaps pop out and in any case are always displaced which causes a lot of pain. This is the tape my physio uses and providing you clean your knee area with SOAP (shower gel leaves a residue), dry thoroughly and then apply the tape firmly and in a good quantity, with a bit of pulling and squishing you can put your kneecaps back where they are supposed to be! You can't wear it every day, but it is great if you are in a lot of pain or are doing rehabilitative exercise etc. Highly recommended!
Danny W
Danny W Reply to on 20 March 2016
These packs normally last me a long time as I only wear them during long running sessions (usually 10+ miles). I was recommended using these after my first knee injury, and was taught how to put it on. I would advise anyone purchasing these for the first time, to visit a physio and get a demonstration on how to apply as I would imagine making a half hazard attempt at applying might as well not be on at all.
I have ran 2 marathons (and a few halves) with the help of these... I am sure they are not placebos. The strapping on my knees helps support them, and seems to absorb some impact, helping my knee joints.
Sometimes, the bandage (white) does seem to come a little loose, especially if it's over stretched when applying. So I would recommend to use this a little mire liberally than the plaster looking one. I have also worn knee supports or running tights to help the tape keeping place during long runs.
All in all, I would definitely recommend or at least encourage anyone who needs that extra support to give this product a go. It's worth the investment for the price.
kisto Reply to on 9 September 2016
I purchased this Leukotape combi pack after recommendation from my consultant.

I have suffered from knee problems for a number of years and the consultant suggested taping my knee to assist recovery. Unfortunately, I was not able to find this tape in my local chemist so turned to Amazon to purchase it instead.

The consultant recommended using this tape (as apposed to kinesiology tape) as it provides secure and firm support.

The soft, flexible white tape is applied for comfort and to protect the skin. The brown zinc oxide tape is firmly applied over the top of the white tape, in order to provide the necessary level of support. The tape stayed in place for a number of days, even after showering. The brown tape is very adhesive so do ensure you have the white tape underneath to ensure you don't end up inadvertently remove hair and skin!
RMN Reply to on 11 December 2016
This is perfect for taping my foot. Use the white tape first, as it is kinder to the skin, and then the more familiar plaster type tape on top. Easy to do and lasts for ages. The only annoying thing is that I find the tape runs out at different times, but this will probably depend on what you are using it for.

This tape is quite rigid with just a tiny bit of movement. Also check out kinetic tapes if you need something more stretchy that moves with you.
MR NICHOLAS P HOPE Reply to on 18 August 2016
I have a pair of hiking boots that cause blisters on the inside of my heels. I use the brown Leukotape P (zinc oxide) tape for covering the area before I trek and it works very well. The tape is thin but strong and it stays in place throughout a day's trekking. I make pre-cut rectangles of the tape and fix them on non-stick paper (that originally had cheap stationery labels on them). Great product! Haven't used the clear tape but this combi pack was just as good value as getting the zinc oxide tape on its own.
F Brown
F Brown Reply to on 3 May 2014
Bought this kit as my physio showed me how to tape my knee. So far I have been very impressed as it seems very like what she used, is comfortable and keeps my kneecap where it ought to be and stays on well. It has easily remained in place for three days in which I have taken normal showers etc. Great product for me.
Repi Reply to on 1 September 2018
Does what it says and used it twice before it really started irritating me and I got a terrible rash all around my knee which took weeks and cortisol cream to get rid off
Margaret Allgood
Margaret Allgood Reply to on 8 August 2018
It was just right for the treatment I needed because the strapping tape was so strong and did not keep coming off like previous strapping I had bought from the chemists.
Eddy Reply to on 27 January 2016
If you're thinking of getting some Leukotape for strapping a joint then I would recommend this combi pack as you get the less sticky white tape with it that can be used as an under strap to the pink tape. The pink tape is extremely sticky and if you have any hairs on legs or arms be prepared to feel pain if you apply it without an under layer of the white tape first.
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