Warezcrack EverGreen 100sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Spreader:Warezcrack
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EverGreen 100sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Spreader:Warezcrack

EverGreen Published in October 20, 2018, 11:44 pm
 EverGreen 100sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Spreader:Warezcrack

EverGreen 100sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Spreader:Warezcrack

Price:£11.99+ Free shipping with Maxmartyn Prime

N Reply to on 19 January 2018
I bought some of this from a large supermarket when it was on offer at the end of the season. I applied it to my lawn and it worked wonders. I had lots of my neighbours asking what I'd put on my lawn. I've now bought another couple of boxes for my rear garden.
Jonathan Reply to on 10 April 2017
Works well on my lawn, just need to be careful not to use too much in any one place.
Mr. A. G. Mowle
Mr. A. G. Mowle Reply to on 7 April 2018
Put it down before the heavy rain, worked very well indeed. Knocked out moss, a big pain, and not many weeds cluttering up the lawn, and the grass is lovely and green, and growing. First cut yesterday, heavy yield of good grass. Definitely top class combination ‘lawn food’.
StevieT Reply to on 7 May 2018
Bought after being recommended by a customer of mine as there lawn looked amazing and green compared to mine. Followed the instructions on the packet and my grass is now much greener and much more dense. Some parts are still struggling but have improved. These areas I will keep feeding with a generic feeder as you can only apply 4 in 1 twice a year. I would recommend it!
Max Reply to on 4 July 2018
does what it's supposed to.

ProTip: before trying to kill weeds with this, make sure you *know* how much weeds you haven the garden. this actually kills it.
I discover (afterwards) that a large part of my garden was affected. I had to work on the "damage" and buy grass seeds to repopulate...
Nath Reply to on 4 August 2017
Be very careful how you apply this because it can burn your grass.
Peter Mason
Peter Mason Reply to on 18 May 2018
My lawn is mainly moss. After spending 2 days scarifying it I applied the 4 in 1 and the results have been excellent. The moss is dying and the grass given a boost and much deeper green. It’s still continuing to work as I only applied it 2 weeks ago but the results so far are impressive.
AJ702 Reply to on 22 May 2018
This is a fantastic product. Last year having used another product, which killed large sections of my grass and not the weeds, this product was easy to use and did not kill my grass. The moss was dead within a week and the other weeds, which there were a lot of, including dandelion, daisy, clover and other unknown weeds mostly all gone after 3 weeks. I just used a roundup spray for the odd weed, which was left and now have a lovely weed-free healthy lawn.
Bizw0z Reply to on 26 September 2017
i bought this when it was £8.00. Seems to have done a fairly good job on most of our lawn but the bits that had i guess too light a coating are pretty much unaffected.

Might try again if it comes back down in price.
Mellow Reply to on 9 June 2018
I use this every year on my grass after I've scarified it, it is excellent and keeps the weeds and moss away, I've been trying to encourage my neighbours to do the same as they always seem to comment on how good my grass looks, just make sure you put in down before the night before a rain forecast as it'll burn the ground if left too long unwatered.
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