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Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman Published in October 20, 2018, 11:15 pm



Caroline Gale
Caroline Gale Reply to on 23 November 2016
We enjoyed this film as an intriguing idea about Agatha Christie's disappearance, based on some of the known facts. The height difference of the 2 main stars was rather amusing in some of the scenes, with Redgrave towering over Hoffman! It it was a pleasant journey back to the 1920s and good to think that in real life she did find someone more worthy of her affections than Colonel Christie, even if it wasn't an American journalist.
robbie Reply to on 31 July 2015
I should say first of all that there seems to be some discrepancy between the item pictured on the Amazon website , and the item actually delivered.
I found this a bit unnerving when the DVD was delivered (superb delivery service); and I had to reassure myself that I had the right DVD. Well, it was the film Agatha, and although titled in Spanish, it did also play in English. I loved the film with its splendid casting and fine filming of a misty English countryside and of the elegant spa-town of Harrogate. The only thing that was less than perfect was the sound-track, which was so heavily overlaid by the music-score that it was sometimes difficult to hear the words : pity when the voices were as fine as those of Vanessa Redgrave, Dustin Hoffmann. and the excellent Paul Brooke. Having said this, I should say that I had searched in vain for the DVD in the shops, ever since staying at the Swan Hotel in Harrogate, featured lovingly in the film, and I could not get it until I tried Amazon!
james crichton
james crichton Reply to on 24 December 2015
Finally, I've tracked a copy of this movie!
At first I was spooked- a cover, not in English! Was this CD going to be dubbed? Would there be subtitles? Happily the answer was no.
The CD played perfectly, in English, it arrived after a length of time.

What a superb film; if you don't know it-then what a delight when you do see it. I can't understand why this film isn't talked about in the highest terms. It is a delight, stylish, well-acted, intriguing, I personally adore it!

Think about all those Christie films of the 70's, this ingenious film about the great author is the culmination. Fiction is all it may be, but what fun!
Sarah Hapgood
Sarah Hapgood Reply to on 18 July 2004
Imaginative and well-made speculation as to what may have happened to Agatha Christie during the 10 days in which she disappeared in December 1926. Vanessa Redgrave is not one of my favourite actresses but she is superb here, playing the aristocratic yet very diffident first lady of crime, ill-at-ease with her own success. Timothy Dalton also shows what a diverse actor he is with his role of the starchy Colonel Christie, wanting to divorce Agatha so that he can marry his secretary Nancy Neele. Dustin Hoffman puts in a fun and exuberant turn as the American journalist who tails Agatha to Harrogate. The solution to the mystery is a bit over-the-top, but the actors pull it off with style.
Mobro Reply to on 26 November 2016
If you love period drama and Agatha Christie then you will probably love this! A fictional tale of what might have happened to Agatha Christie in he 11days she went missing.
Mr. P. Fletcher
Mr. P. Fletcher Reply to on 31 August 2016
I didn't expect to enjoy this film but I did, thoroughly enjoyed it. Brilliantly performed and kept my attention throughout.
gittyman Reply to on 20 August 2016
This is in Spanish with subtitles. It was not advertised s such and basically I would like a refund please.
rob Reply to on 16 August 2017
good film
Elisa Coppini
Elisa Coppini Reply to on 29 January 2018
Amazing film, great actors. Delivery on time, definitely recommend.
Linda Browne
Linda Browne Reply to on 9 May 2013
Having met him ,while he was filmiing Agatha in my home town it brings back many warm and friendly memories and i just had to buy it .
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