Warezcrack 75 Children's Favourites:Warezcrack
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75 Children's Favourites:Warezcrack

75 Children's Favourites
75 Children's Favourites Published in September 19, 2018, 2:35 pm
 75 Children's Favourites:Warezcrack

75 Children's Favourites:Warezcrack

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Dr M
Dr M Reply to on 20 May 2017
Bought for 8 month old baby.

Has every nursery rhyme I can think of.

I find the singer's voice slightly shrill and have trouble singing along to some songs as a bit too high-pitched.
Find it very annoying that quiet bedtime songs are interspersed throughout and often followed by rousing upbeat song.

Kept for the variety it offers. And three CDs means I can keep one in the car. But would have preferred one quiet CD for winding down before naps.
Clare Mitchell
Clare Mitchell Reply to on 4 April 2018
There's a fantastic range of songs but one thing that annoys me is that the lady who is singing makes up her own tune with some songs (you know how some artists change the tune of their songs when singing live?) so it can be hard singing along to them. Or if she's not doing that, she altering some words, but maybe us up north sing different words to some songs? Luckily they all aren't like that though. It doesn't really help when your 3 year old is just learning to sing. She loves it though, and so does her younger sister, and I bought it for them and not me :-)
CFD at IG Reply to on 17 January 2018
A total delight. Beautifully sung and orchestrated, a really interesting collection, and wonderful for singing along to in the car. Brought back wonderful memories of my childhood, and now my 18m old granddaughter is learning them. So pleased I bought them. They make car journeys much more enjoyable, and she loves to repeat the words and sing along.
Gary Reply to on 29 December 2017
Traditional English versions which they teach in school rhymes. None of that rubbish American or Indian youtube versions, which often confuse the kids.
Shame all the rhymes aren't on one CD.
Shabtique Reply to on 29 January 2017
Ok. Really good cd's, great songs and little one loves it. But we have to listen to it to and in my opinion the way some of the songs are sang are a bit too opera like...
Also, it would be great if one of the cd's was just lullabys, they are scattered all over unfortunately so no help if you're trying to play them to help the little one falling asleep in the car.. you can't have 'hush little baby' followed by 'wheels on the bus'.
Anyway good cds.
K Reply to on 12 July 2014
Lovely singing! All the classics are there plus more! My daughter listens to one of the CDs every night before bed and she absolutely loves it. That's good enough for me. Also because I don't hear the same few songs over and over again it doesn't get annoying.
Bernice bernasty
Bernice bernasty Reply to on 2 April 2018
Disc 1 and 2 are the most used. Disc 3 seems to be more of the sleepy time music. You get used to the way they sing the songs. Not half as annoying as some children's CDs! Happy to of purchased and now my 2 years old sings along :)
M. L. HENDERSON Reply to on 17 June 2016
I bought this for my 6 month old great grandson, many have survived the test of time from when I was a child, then having a family of my own. some of the rhymes have an historical meaning.All child children should have a collection like this.
wendy Reply to on 17 September 2017
Present for my grandchildren. 3 discs and loads of good songs on it. Loads of new songs for us all to learn. very happy with this purchase.
Mrs E.
Mrs E. Reply to on 6 December 2017
I really enjoy listening to this (and I think my baby does too!). All the old favourite nursery rhymes plus one or two newer ones, done in various styles. I think it's good quality and also nice to have British rather than cheesy American accents. The only thing I would change would be to put all the slower songs on the one disk to use as lullabies as the baby can be drifting off and then a fast song will wake her up again. (we copied the slow ones and made our own lullaby CD for nap times).
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