Warezcrack 3M 389 Universal High Strength Fabric Tape, 38 mm x 50 m, Silver, Pack of 24:Warezcrack
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3M 389 Universal High Strength Fabric Tape, 38 mm x 50 m, Silver, Pack of 24:Warezcrack

3M Published in October 21, 2018, 12:20 am
 3M 389 Universal High Strength Fabric Tape, 38 mm x 50 m, Silver, Pack of 24:Warezcrack

3M 389 Universal High Strength Fabric Tape, 38 mm x 50 m, Silver, Pack of 24:Warezcrack

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Ulysses Reply to on 15 August 2018
Duct tape is useful for countless applications and it is inexpensive so the sensible thing to do is to buy the best quality, to cope with almost any sensible job The brand, 3M, lulled me into thinking I was making a wise purchase. The word "value" should have alerted me - "value" generally means "cheap" - it is. I wish I had bought Gorilla tape - much much stronger and "100% waterproof" not "water resistant" - very versatile, very reliable.
This reminds me, I have 45metres of 3M left but I need some more Gorilla
Matt Chalmers
Matt Chalmers Reply to on 21 September 2016
I bought this tape to repair the groundsheet in my tent after gurning a hole in it with a saucepan while camping. Fantastically sticky, it stood up to the wettest weather I can imagine during my latest camping trip with no sign of it peeling.
Am A Zone
Am A Zone Reply to on 22 November 2017
I needed some tape to repair my motorbike cover. After searching around and seeing lots of varying reviews for all of the different tapes I decided to go with 3M as it's a brand I know. I can only say this tape is the real deal, it's not thin, as some have said, it's thick, it's very sticky and it bonds to everything it touches including your fingers. It tears cleanly as expected. Don't waste your time with cheap tape, this is proper gaffa tape.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 9 October 2016
prompt arrival and really good tape. had to patch up a really big tear in a futon where the dog has been digging and it took a lot of tape layered and criss crossed. It has been great, held completely with no peeling . The dog is back on the futon and really likes the patch, so much so that she has stopped digging and started sleeping on it. Also had to tape the back of the mattress to the back of the frame to stop it slumping, with two pieces at each end it has held firm with no peeling from fabric or wood.
I don't know what other tapes are like but this one is great, it has done everything I hoped and expected and more.
I would recommend it, I have been completely satisfied.

Wow never written such a positive report before, almost hope I find something it can't do just so I can mark it down :) :) :) not really
H Reply to on 20 June 2018
Using this to tape up packing boxes; brown packing tape is all very well but when it comes to sticking you can't beat duct tape. Went for the 3M brand as I've worked with a lot of 3M vinyl products [vehicle graphics] and their adhesive technology is second to none. There's a huge amount of tape on one roll so I've been able to go overboard with taping the boxes. Nothing has come off and there's no curling; just be sure to smooth it down flat when applying.
Elisabeth Reply to on 26 June 2018
Doesn’t stick properly, we’re moving house and all the tape keeps un-sticking from the boxes. Not impressed as we’ve packed them up and the bottoms may fall out.
Yani Nazareno
Yani Nazareno Reply to on 14 March 2018
Arrived fast. Product didn't appear to be strong or sticky when I unravelled it and doesn't really stick onto skin which is good. The tape however is actually quite strong and held this loose pipe that I wanted to attach back together as it would pop off every time I started the washing machine due to the water pressure. Therefore I give it 5 stars as it did its intended job. I don't think this would conceal things like holes in air beds however.
Spud Reply to on 11 February 2018
I used this as soon as it arrived on some black cardboard storage boxes that needed the corners reinforced.
It stuck well but the next day it had completely come off.
T.A. Reply to on 28 May 2018
My passenger wing mirror broke off and I bought this as a quick fix whilst I can source down a replacement. 3 months later this is still holding up and its experienced snow, wind, rain and sun so this is great and strong. My car still passed its MOT with the duct tape wing mirror and if I am still unable to source a replacement I'm confident that the duct tape will keep it in place anyway
Mr Tim C Butcher
Mr Tim C Butcher Reply to on 14 June 2017
Awful. Doesn't stick to anything. Won't even stick to itself. I bought 3M as I thought it would be good quality, but it's the complete opposite.
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